My First Knitting Set


Knitting, or knotting, is an ancient craft, which developed in the deserts of Arabia among the nomadic tribesmen who lived there 3,000 years ago.  Later in history, artisians in Spain, then Italy and France and eventually in England, became fascinated with this kind of fabric weaving.  Knitters soon formed themselves, under Church patronage, into organized guilds.

The Colonists in the New World were for the most part English and brought with them English ways.  Eventually, because of immigration, these English ways were influenced by German, Scandanavian, Irish and southern Euopeon settlers.  Today the ancient craft of knitting or knotting is more popular that it has ever been before in human history.

My First Knitting Set includes yarn, knitting needles, easy to follow instructions and history.  Knitting is fun and easy.  There are many colors and kinds of yarn available for knitting.  Once you learn you will want to knit all the time! 

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