Four Colonial Girls Sticker Paper Dolls




This charming paper doll collection introduces you to four charming young American ladies of the colonial period.  There's Clarissa, the oldest and her sisters Mary, Anna, and little Jessica-and they come with appealing wardrobe of 16 engaging 18th-century costumes.

You can dress them in simple frocks with dainty floral prints for everyday wear, crisp aprons with scalloped edges and trimmed borders, lovely dresses with bows and attractively draped skirts for special occasions, as well as cloaks with matching hoods, capes, purses, headgear, and other personal items.

Simply, yet delightfully rendered by Sue Shanahan, these engaging peel-and-apply outfits and their accompanyin accessories are reusable, allowing youngesters to dress the girls in a variety of colorful, authentic costumes.

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