Food to Die For


Food to Die For: A Book of Funeral Food, Tips and Tales

By Jessica Bemis Ward
The cookbook contains 180 pages of recipes, etiquette, and anecdotes. It is fully indexed and profusely illustrated with black-and-white photographs of the Old City Cemetery. We guarantee Food to Die For will be one of the most delightful and entertaining cookbooks you'll ever read!

Jessica Bemis Ward, the compiler and author, is an experienced cook, hostess, and, most importantly, funeral-goer! Having married into a large, well-known (and aging) family over 40 years ago, she has found herself many times in the midst of funeral arrangements. She shares her ringside observations in this new book. Her wit and wisdom are bountiful, her suggestions helpful, and her taste in both food and style "to die for."
Spiral Bound, 183 pages
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