Colonial Infantryman Soldier


Metal Hand Painted Historic Soldier

According to popular belief, American independence was won by a patriotic band of heros.  In reality, a large number of ordinary American men made up the army.  Two hundred thousand Americans fought diring the war, most were under twenty-three years old and owned little propery.

Recruiting men for the army was difficult; the pay was poor, discipline harsh and daily life dull.  Although recruiters appealed to patriotic ideals, they also used incentives such as cash or land and were also forced to use the draft.

Throughout the war, the American army suffered from a lack of clothing and tents because of shortages of cloth normally imported from England.  Unsanitary camp conditions and poor diet caused much sickness during the long war. Medical knowledge was primitive and often ineffective.  Doctors sometimes did more harm than good.

Military training was necessary to transform civilian recruits into skilled, disciplined soldiers.  They were taught to march in ranks and use their weapons.  Drums, fifes and trumpets conveyed orders in battle and regulated daily camp life.

Actual soldier size approximately 2.5" x .75 x .50 "

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