Colonial Fashions Paper Dolls


The many different nationalities that settlers in colonial America formed a rich mosaic of European cultures.  Nowhere were the distinguishing characteristics of each more apparent that in the "good clothes" they brought with them from their homelands.  Artist Tom Tierney celebrates these early immigrants-Dutch, English, French, Spanish and others-in one of his finest paper doll collections, featuring colonial fashions from about 1600 to 1770.  Eleven paper dolls, eight of them fully dressed, display in full color 21 authentically detailed costumes worn by New World settlers for special occasions.

Among the costumes are elegant court gowns and the classic silk and woolen capes worn by the Sppanish; the English Puritans' "playne" dark woolens clothing; the lace trimmed fashions of the Dutch; the ornate garments, richly deailed with lace, ribbons and frills , favored by the French settters; and their splendid fashions of German, Norwegian, Portuguese and  Swiss origin. ORIGIN. Tom Tierney's fact-filled introduction and descriptive notes on each costume add fascinating details of social history to this outstanding collection, sure to delight paper doll enthusiasts of all ages.

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