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Education lies at the heart of our mission here at Red Hill, which is why we want to do everything we can to help teachers and students along their path to learning about Patrick Henry.

We want to provide assistance to teachers both in our nearby communities and also further afield across the States. Patrick Henry’s role as the Voice of the American Revolution makes him a vital part of our country’s history, one that students in every state should have the chance to learn about.

For schools and teachers near Red Hill, we invite you to plan a class trip with your students to experience first-hand a place where Henry really walked and worked. If you are interested in bringing your class or school group to Red Hill, click here (link to School tour page) to learn more about the kind of field trip we can offer to your students!

For our educators who are not close enough to Red Hill for a day trip, we still have lots of resources about Patrick Henry we can offer to help you in your lesson planning! Below you can find several helpful PDF files of teaching resources and worksheets for your younger students.

You can also take your class on a virtual tour of Red Hill from your very own classroom here.

For older students, we have an extensive library cataloguing Patrick Henry’s writings, which is a useful tool for research at any level of academic writing. Visit our library website here.


Plan a School Tour

Plan a School Tour

Bringing your students to Red Hill is a great way to bring history to life as they are learning about Patrick Henry, the Revolution, or even just Colonial times in America.

There are several different options for the kind of tour and activities your school group can experience while here on the Red Hill grounds, and we are able to arrange and accommodate tours for groups of any size and age level.

The best way to plan a visit for your whole class, school, or grade level is to contact us at the number below at least two weeks in advance to discuss options and plan your trip.

If you are an individual or family with a home school group, you may want to check out our special Homeschool Days event, which takes place each fall.

Student and Teachers

This is a great time to join with other homeschoolers to engage with history in a hands-on environment.

One thing that can make your Red Hill trip especially memorable is to participate in our Living History experience stations. If you would like to take part in these learning experiences with your class, let us know in your trip request so that we can work on incorporating that into your visit.

You can arrange a tour for your school, class, or group at any time by getting in contact with us at (434) 376-2044, or by contacting us here.