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Henry Mayer, Son of Thunder: Patrick Henry and the American Republic (New York, 1986, 1991) Reliable and most recent full-length biography.

Mark Couvillon, Patrick Henry's Virginia: A Guide to the Homes and Sites in the Life of an American Patriot (Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation, 2001) Definitive guide to the places Patrick Henry lived and worked: available from the Museum Shop at Red Hill.

Robert Douthat Meade, Patrick Henry: Patriot in the Making (Philadelphia and New York, 1957). First volume of somewhat dated but thoroughly detailed biography.

Robert Douthat Meade, Patrick Henry: Practical Revolutionary (Philadelphia and New York, 1969). Second volume of somewhat dated but thoroughly detailed biography.

George Morgan, The True Patrick Henry (Philadelphia, 1907) Reprinted in 1929 and in the 1990s, has many details of "family tradition"; appendices include transcriptions of Samuel Meredith's and Spencer Roane's recollections as well as Henry's will and estate inventory.

William Wirt Henry, ed., Patrick Henry: Life Correspondence and Speeches (3 vols. New York, 1891) Valuable, though dated, three-volume collection of texts and commentary. Also available on searchable CD from the Museum Shop at Red Hill.

Amy Kukla and Jon Kukla, Patrick Henry: Voice of the Revolution (New York, 2001). An accurate biography written at the fifth-grade reading level.

David A. McCants, Patrick Henry, The Orator, Great American Orators, no. 8 (New York and Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 1990). In the appendixes to this study of Henry's oratory, McCants publishes reliable texts for several of Henry's major speeches.

Henry Reade McIlwaine, ed., Official Letters of the Governors of the State of Virginia, vol. 1, The Letters of Patrick Henry (Richmond, 1926). Valuable documentation of Henry's first three terms as governor, 1776-1779, selected from the state archives at the Library of Virginia. The papers from Henry's two terms as governor in the 1780s remain unpublished.

John P. Kaminski et al., eds. Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution, Ratification of the Constitution by the States, vols. 8-10, Virginia (Madison, Wis., 1988-1993) This modern edition is the definitive documentary source for the ratification of the Constitution. Vols. 8-10 deal with Virginia. It supplants the following earlier sources for the Virginia convention debates of 1788:

David Robertson, comp., Debates and other proceedings of the Convention of Virginia, : convened at Richmond, on Monday the 2d day of June, 1788, for the purpose of deliberating on the Constitution recommended by the grand Federal convention. To which is prefixed, the federal Constitution (3 vols., Petersburg, 1788-89; 2d ed, 1805).

Jonathan Elliot, The debates, resolutions, and other proceedings, in convention, on the adoption of the federal Constitution, as recommended by the general convention at Philadelphia, on the 17th of September, 1787: with the yeas and nays on the decision of the main question. Collected and revised, from contemporary publications (4 vols., Washington, 1827-30, and subsequent editions). Virginia is in vol. 3.

Hugh Blair Grigsby, The History of the Virginia Convention of 1788 (2 vols., Richmond, 1890). Old account of the ratification contest, useful for information about participants.

Edmund Randolph, History of Virginia (Arthur H. Shaffer, ed., Virginia Historical Society Documents, 9 [Charlottesville, 1970]). Valuable history of the American Revolution in Virginia written by an insider and participant who in 1786 succeeded Patrick Henry as governor. Attributes articles 15 and 16 of the Virginia Declaration of Rights to Henry's authorship.

William J. Van Schreeven, Robert L. Scribner, and Brent Tarter, eds., Revolutionary Virginia: The Road to Independence (7 vols., Charlottesville, 1973-1983). Best complete documentation for the coming of the American Revolution in Virginia, 1763-1776.

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Information about the Revolution in Virginia is available on-line from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation :
Virginia Politics in the Revolution
The Virginia Gazette – a searchable resource
Virginia Politics in the Revolution
Images of the Revolutionary War
Patrick Henry's Resolutions

Information about many events in Patrick Henry’s career is available on-line at the American Memory website of the Library of Congress:
Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, 1774-1789
Virginia Religious Petitions, 1774-1802
Timeline of the American Revolution

Maps of Revolutionary America
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Books, information and images of Virginia history are available at the websites of the Library of Virginia and the Virginia Historical Society
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Virginia Historical Society Main Catalogue

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