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Henry's Early Life and Times (and other life events)

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  • 1718 Patrick Henry's uncle and namesake completes Master of Arts at Marischal College, Aberdeen University in Scotland and is ordained by Scottish Episcopal Church

  • 1724 Patrick Henry's father John Henry completes four years of study at King's College of Aberdeen University

  • 1727 John Henry living in Hanover County, Virginia

  • 1734 John Henry marries Sarah Winston Syme

  • 1736 May 29 Patrick Henry born at Studley in Hanover County

  • 1750 Henry family moves to Mount Brilliant in Hanover County

  • 1754 Patrick Henry marries Sarah Shelton. Her dowry was Pine Slash, a 300-acre farm in Hanover County, and six slaves.

  • 1755 Birth of Martha (Patsey) Henry at Pine Slash

  • 1757 Birth of John Henry at Pine Slash
    Fire destroys the house at Pine Slash

  • 1760 Patrick and Sarah Henry move their family to Hanover Tavern

  • 1763 Birth of William Henry in Hanover County

  • 1764 Patrick and Sarah Henry move their family to Roundabout in Louisa County

  • 1767 Birth of Anne (Annie) Henry at Roundabout

  • 1769 Birth of Elizabeth (Betsey) Henry in Hanover County

  • 1771 Patrick and Sarah Henry move their family to Scotchtown
    Birth of Edward (Neddy) Henry
    Sarah Henry's mental health begins to decline.

  • 1775 Death of Sarah Shelton Henry at Scotchtown

  • 1777 October 9 Patrick Henry marries Dorothea Dandridge

  • 1778 August 2 Birth of Dorothea (Dolly) Henry in Governor's Palace at Williamsburg

  • 1779 Patrick and Dorothea Henry move family to Leatherwood

  • 1780 January 4 Birth of Sarah (Sally) Butler Henry at Leatherwood

  • 1781 November 3 Birth of Martha Catharina (Kitty) Henry at Leatherwood

  • 1783 August 15 Birth of Patrick Henry, Jr. at Leatherwood

  • 1785 October 1 Birth of Fayette Henry at Salisbury

  • 1786 Patrick and Dorothea Henry move family to Pleasant Grove, in Prince Edward County.

  • 1788 June 2 Birth of Alexander Spotswood Henry at Pleasant Grove

  • 1790 April 7 Birth of Nathaniel West Henry at Pleasant Grove

  • 1791 Death of John Henry in Henry County (survived by wife and their son Edmund)

  • 1792 March 27 Birth of Richard Henry at Pleasant Grove
    Patrick and Dorothea Henry move family to Long Island in Campbell County

  • 1793 August 24 Death of Richard Henry at Long Island

  • 1794 Patrick Henry buys Red Hill

  • 1794 January 21 Birth of Winston Henry at Long Island

  • 1794 October 29 Death of Edward (Neddy) Henry at New Glasgow
     Winston renamed Edward Winston Henry

  • 1796 Birth of John Henry at Red Hill (named for his deceased brother)

  • 1799 January 21 Birth of Jane Robertson Henry at Red Hill; death on January 25th

  • 1799 May 22 Death of Anne Henry Roane in King William County (survived by Spencer Roane and six children)

  • 1798 Death of William Henry in New Bern, N.C.

  • 1799 June 6 Death of Patrick Henry at Red Hill

  • 1831 February 14 Death of Dorothea Dandridge Henry at Seven Islands

  • 1833 John and Elvira Henry build two-story addition to Patrick Henry's House

  • 1868 Death of John Henry at Red Hill

  • 1875 Death of Elvira Henry in Richmond at home of William Wirt Henry

  • 1875-1900 William Wirt Henry owns Red Hill

  • 1911 Lucy Henry Harrison enlarges house at Red Hill

  • 1919 Fire destroys Red Hill mansion, law office survives

  • 1944 October 30 Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation founded

  • 1957 Patrick Henry's house reconstructed

  • 1960 Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantation created

  • 1978 Red Hill placed on National Register of Historic Places

  • 1986 May 12 Congress designates Red Hill as the Patrick Henry National Memorial